Software solutions for data protection and security

Secure data – anywhere and anytime

Whether stationary on hard drives, on mobile devices or even in the cloud: WinMagic’s solutions encrypt data while adhering to the highest technical standards. At any time, customers have complete control over their data’s security via centralized key management – even in external providers’ cloud environments.

PSM&W for WinMagic: 2016 – today

Adjusting and implementing the international PR and marketing strategy for the DACH market // Designing target group-specific communications measures for German-language specialist media // Event support at trade fairs such as CeBIT or the Cloud Security Expo // Social media communications // Establishing and developing contact with analysts

WinMagic about PSM&W

“IT security – especially security in the cloud – is a challenging but interesting topic for the specialist media in Germany. PSM&W understands the complex and highly technical subjects of data encryption and key management, and that’s why it can effectively communicate our message. Thanks to PSM&W, there’s a much higher level of awareness for our company in the German market and we’ve raised our profile in our target groups.” Mandy Luya, Global Director Marketing Enablement, WinMagic