Construction consulting and management

A concept for urban living

As a specialist for capital investments in residential properties, Saarbrücken-based RVI has successfully realized more than 150 projects all over Germany. Its current flagship project Lok.West in Esslingen near Stuttgart has around 500 apartments and an investment volume of around € 190 mio.

PSM&W for RVI: 2009 – today

Brand development (both umbrella and individual brands) // Websites // District and project brochures // PR consulting // Press and media relations for investors, tenants and partners.

We are especially proud of the strategic positioning and brand development efforts for the Lok.West project, which were based on the area’s outstanding location and history, as well as the projects Saar Karree, Parigot and Maison Claire, all located in Frankfurt am Main, and the Darmstädter Philox project in Darmstadt.

RVI about PSM&W

PSM&W is a longstanding partner of ours and it’s a great communications agency. One thing we really appreciate is that we get a comprehensive range of services from one single source. Another is PSM&W’s extensive experience in real estate marketing.” Carsten Buschmann, Chief Executive Officer, RVI