Private local TV station for the Rhein-Main area in Germany // Broadcasts own and supplied content

Close to the viewer

Launched by private individuals and local companies in Hesse, Germany – one of them PSM&W – rheinmaintv went on the air on the 27th of October, 2003, as the first and only private local TV station in the Rhein-Main area of Germany. Since then, the tv station, which has won multiple awards, has been reaching its several hundred viewers via cable, satellite and online livestream. It broadcasts programs on local news, politics, economy, sports, culture as well as scene news.

PSM&W for rheinmaintv: 2003 – today

Advertising and PR campaign for the station’s launch // Public and press relations // Events // Marketing // Concepts for TV programs // Website relaunch in 2017: consulting, concept, design and implementation