One of the largest European automobile manufacturers // Largest product campaign in the company’s history until 2020

Affordable technology for all

Opel on the offensive: From 2016 to 2020, the long-standing automobile brand from Rüsselsheim, Germany, is launching 29 new models. In 2015, Opel presented a milestone in regard to efficiency, interconnectedness, and innovative equipment in the form of the new Astra. Meanwhile, new market segments were opened up with the SUV Mokka, the lifestyle small car ADAM, and the elegant Cabriolet Cascada. Opel’s goal is to make innovations from the premium market segment available to the mainstream.

PSM&W for Opel: 1995 – 2004

C-level communications, speeches, statements // Concept and text creation for product launches // Retailer communications and materials, product information materials, adapting materials for European audiences // Organizing wholesale meetings and other events including preparation of required materials // Special topics magazines // Support at photo shoots // Press relations