Unique living and shopping concept including Fashion District in the center of Frankfurt, Germany // 18,000 sqm, 12 floors, 50 offices, 8 shops

A new Goldman for Frankfurt

Real estate tycoon Ardi Goldman played a major part in defining the Frankfurt cityscape with projects like the U.F.O. and the UNION area. With its unique architecture, the new Goldman project MA* is the centerpiece of the Neustadt Frankfurt district in the city center. Agencies, architects, media companies, photographers, and artists all find a unique working environment in one of its 50 loft offices. In addition, MA* is also a place-to-go for both fashion and design enthusiasts.

PSM&W for MA*: 2010 – 2011

Press relations for the launch of the MA* project:
Press conference for all regional and real estate media // Defining core messages and storyline // Preparation, execution and success monitoring


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