Specialist for transporting persons with physical or mental impairments

Köhler-Transfer connects people

Since 2004, Köhler-Transfer reliably and securely transports its passengers to where they can learn, work or receive care – kindergartens, workshops, day care centers, (vocational) schools, dialysis centers or other destinations. Köhler-Transfer’s clients are German state associations, state welfare associations, communities and municipalities and other public bodies from areas such as Frankfurt, Mannheim, Karlsfeld, Ochsenfurt, as well as the German states of Thuringia and Saxony. The declared mission goal of Köhler-Transfer is to serve as a reliable partner, allowing persons with disabilities to optimally partake in society. Köhler-Transfer grants respect, empathy and mobility.

PSM&W for Köhler-Transfer: 2018 – today

Strategic consulting // PR // Job ads


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