Hair styling and hair care products made in Germany since 1969

Keep it locked

KERALOCK is a long-standing brand in the hair care and hair styling sector, which is produced by TUNAP Cosmetics (formerly YOUR OWN BRAND) and well-established in the market. Its portfolio includes hair colorants, perm products, hair conditioners, and bleaching products. Since 2009, the sub-brand KERALOCK NIGHT LIFE has been offering hair spray and dry shampoo products for young, trend-conscious women, who want to spontaneously change their style.

PSM&W for KERALOCK: 2009 – 2015

Strategic realignment and redesign of the umbrella brand: revising the corporate design manual, defining the product portfolio, creating new segment names // Press and public relations // Websites // Materials for retailers // Packaging and product designs for all product lines