Jörg Lotz

Engineer, gold expert, claim owner

The prospector

Jörg Lotz is an engineer from Hesse, Germany, who is working as a prospector in Canada’s Yukon territory, and who also leases out and sells claims to professional mining companies and private prospectors. For that, he founded the Yukon Exploration Green Gold Inc. (YEGGI) in 2013, which focuses on discovering, examining and developing active gold mines. At the moment, Jörg Lotz owns around 800 claims, making him one of the top five claim owners in the Yukon territory.

PSM&W for Jörg Lotz: 2018 – today

PSM&W is responsible for press and media relations. The shared goal is to generate awareness for Jörg Lotz and his vast gold expertise. The first success of the cooperation between PSM&W and the Hessian prospector: a report in BILD (print and online), Germany’s most influential tabloid with a print circulation of 570,000.