Internationales Festhallen Reitturnier Frankfurt

International Frankfurt Festhalle Riding Tournament – show-jumping and dressage at the highest level

The unique equestrian experience for all horse enthusiasts

In Frankfurt's "Gudd Stubb", during the pre-Christmas season, the world elite of show-jumping and dressage inspires both the equestrian scene and young and old horse fans alike – a demanding and entertaining program awaits. The Linsenhoff family has been involved in the organization for generations and, in 2019, under the direction of Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff, Klaus-Martin Rath and Matthias Alexander Rath, will take over the sole management of the tournament for the first time. Their goal is to secure and further develop the event as an annual equestrian meeting place in Frankfurt.

PSM&W and the International Frankfurt Festhalle Riding Tournament: 2019 – now

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