Family Office

Private asset management

H2Office: The Art of Working

The family office specializes, inter alia, in real estate investments. Its portfolio includes high-quality, customized real estate in sought-after locations, for example the H2Office, a unique office building, located near the Inner Harbor in Duisburg, Germany.

PSM&W for Family Office: 2011 – 2014

The H2Office was to be rent out quickly and completely, for which a uniform positioning on the market was necessary. Therefore, the goal of the marketing efforts was defining the unique selling points in order to differentiate the property from competitors’ offers.

This was achieved by ensuring a uniform external presentation. Key tasks included the development of a logo, claim and key visuals for the property. The claim “The Art of Working” picks up both positioning and core message – it is an office space, in which many works of art are exhibited. Selected communication measures included a brochure, a flyer, an innovative website, different events and building in-depth media relations.