DB Cargo (Deutsche Bahn)

Largest and highest-performing operator in the European rail freight transport industry

Full speed ahead

DB Cargo AG is the management company for the rail freight transport industry, with which the German railway service company Deutsche Bahn consolidates all of its national and European railway logistics. DB Cargo offers rail freight transport services in the world’s largest railway network, all from one source.

PSM&W for DB Cargo: 2017 – today

Energy-efficient transports are massively beneficial to both environment and energy consumption, which is why DB Cargo has initiated the Energy-Saving Olympics for train drivers, with each of its locations in Germany automatically participating. The gold, silver and bronze winners were rewarded with an incentive event in a class of its own: a sightseeing flight over Germany’s Ruhr area in a helicopter, a private boat trip on Ammersee lake, as well as excavator driving in the state of Saarland were organized by PSM&W for this occasion; from invitation and participant management to event concept and execution to on-site support and follow-up.