Corpus Sireo

German real estate service provider

The Real Estate People

CORPUS SIREO is a multidisciplinary real estate service provider, who has won multiple prices already and is active as a fund and asset manager, investor, and project developer in Germany and several other European countries.

PSM&W for CORPUS SIREO: 2010 – 2013

CORPUS SIREO wanted to expand its B2B opportunities and position itself as an asset management specialist including on an international level. Therefore, the specific goals were greater differentiation from competitors, realization of business potential, and – especially for institutional clients – a higher degree of transparency in regard to the service portfolio.

PSM&W helped to achieve these goals through the following measures:

Clear structuring and improving of the B2B segments with specific client benefits // Developing the brand architecture to facilitate targeted addressing of different client groups via strong sub-brands // Developing client-specific media offers to optimally support sales // Creating added emotional value for the until then quite clinical brand image


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