Bioenergie Wächtersbach

Local power provider // Provider of district heating in Wächtersbach, Germany

All-natural heating

Since 2008, Bioenergie Wächtersbach has been providing climate-friendly district heating from wood chips. Its customers in Wächtersbach, Germany, include city hall, the public pool, local schools, several local businesses and over 1,000 private customers. Construction of an additional combined heat/power plant is to start in 2019.

PSM&W for Bionenergie Wächtersbach: 2018 – today

For a first collaborative project, we designed a brochure for attracting new customers for Bioenergie Wächtersbach. The brochure catches new customers’ interest with short and concise texts as well as emotional and authentic pictures. In addition, it emphasizes the physical, technical and economical proximity between local provider and potential customer.