Atelier NA

A Gentleman’s Revolution: Bespoke suits via 3D technology

Atelier NA is a French men’s outfitter with a focus on bespoke suits and shirts. What makes it unique, is the measurement process, which takes just a second, due to patented 3D body scanners in the Atelier NA boutiques, accompanied by comprehensive, professional consulting. Thanks to a wide range of available materials, colors, and possible combinations, Atelier NA can cater to both classical and unusual, extravagant tastes. In 2017, PSM&W generated awareness for the opening of the first Atelier NA store in Frankfurt, Germany, via an exclusive VIP event.

PSM&W for Atelier NA: 2017

Not only did PSM&W invite influential journalists to Atelier NA’s store opening event, but also celebrities, social media influencers, and important figures from politics, business and culture.

PR: creating a comprehensive press mailing list, contacting journalists and influencers, handling journalist accreditations and care during the event // Event management: guest list, mailing out VIP invitations, catering, drink sponsors, coordinating service providers and looking after guests during the event // Creative concept: modifying event invitations


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