Online brand of the PFALZWERKE AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT // Provision of power for more than 100,000 customers

Affordable, easy, safe

Since 2007, 123energie has been providing power and gas to private customers as well as SMEs all over Germany including green power and biogas – online and at affordable prices. And – as many awards prove – 123energie stands for both fair conditions as well as high reliability in supplying energy.

PSM&W for 123energie: 2007 – today

Public and press relations // Content marketing: topic planning and editorial for corporate blog, Facebook and Twitter // Community management for Facebook and Twitter // Designing online campaigns and competitions

123energie about PSM&W

“PSM&W has been a reliable communication partner ever since we have launched our online brand, 123energie, in 2007. Together, we’ve strengthened our presence on Facebook, Twitter and other social media, and we’ve got our own blog. It’s all completely state-of-the-art. The PSM&W team is focused, professional and never short of a creative idea. That’s why the agency has come to be a key member of our network over the years.” Sven Claus, Marketing and Communications, Pfalzwerke