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Mailing for the MAKO Desktop sound system

It was the task of PSM&W to create and send a mailing to the key-journalists to launch the Razor Desktop sound system MAKO. We were responsible for finding a suiting give-away, and creating the mailing and the packaging.

With the MAKO sound system, Razer, together with THX, starts for the first time to get in contact with a sounds system for PCs. MAKO is not only using the loudspeakers, but also the underlay on which it stands for the perfect sound. It is comparable to the old children musical clocks, which reached their full sound when putting on a small wooden plate. PSM&W has used this simple example to raise the journalists awareness and explain the product.

A packaging was created in the style of Razer, with the typical colors and a little space for the musical clock. A code of practice was also included in the package.